shuffle: a man wearing blue hospital gown using a walker

As seniors get older, they tend to shuffle or drag their feet while walking. Why do they do that? Well, they more than likely are not doing it on purpose or even know they are shuffling. Typically something is causing the shuffling when they walk. The first step to help them not do this is to find the cause.

The top 10 reasons seniors shuffle their feet are:

  1. shuffle: a man wearing blue hospital gown using a walkerWeak hips and leg muscles
  2. Arthritis in joints
  3. Loss of flexibility in feet
  4. Decreased ability to maintain balance
  5. Decreased vision
  6. Fear of stumbling or falling
  7. Slow reaction time
  8. Medication side effects
  9. Worn or poorly-fitted shoes/slippers
  10. Slippery floors

It may not seem like a big deal if a senior is shuffling or dragging their feet, but in reality they are at greater risk of falling. Shuffling is a common cause of falling due to the feet sliding more easily and tripping on rugs, door thresholds, or slightly uneven surfaces.

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