Visitation Guidelines:


  • All Visits must be scheduled in Advance.


  • Each visit is scheduled for 30 minutes with no more than 2 visitors per resident at a time. Visitors will be escorted to the visiting area by a staff member. A staff member will let the visitor and resident know when the 30-minute visit is ending and will then escort the visitor back out of the facility. Visitors must remain in designated visiting area during the visit.


  • All Visitors will be screened prior to the scheduled Visit, including temperature check and must Sanitize Hands with alcohol-based hand rub.


  • All Visitors must wear a mask or face covering and maintain social distancing. If the resident has been fully vaccinated, then physical touch is permitted while wearing masks/face covering.


  • All Visitors must sign a Visitor Attestation Form – one has been provided in this mailing.


  • The facility will be offering Rapid Covid-19 Tests if visitors would like one. This is not required.  If you do wish to have a Rapid COVID-19 test, please let the facility know when you schedule your visit.  Visitors that are getting a Rapid COVID-19 test will need to arrive 20 minutes prior to the scheduled visit.  The visitor will be required to wait outside or in their car until we have the test result.


  • If the Visitor has received the COVID-19 Vaccine (not required), please bring a copy of your vaccine documentation for the facility to keep on file.