help caregiver Physical Therapy: young nurse chatting with senior woman in care home

New year always means new you. That includes those who are spending all their time or partial time caring for someone else. It is easy to lose yourself and your self care while taking care of another person, so the new year is a perfect time to put yourself back on the priority list.

The following goals and suggestions are meant to inspire creative thought in helping a caregiver find a solution that will give you time to rest and recharge.

  1. caregiver Physical Therapy: young nurse chatting with senior woman in care homeGet help so you’re not doing everything by yourself
    • Put together a caregiving team of family, friends, or local resources
    • Ask for help, whether it’s hands-on care, companionship, finances, or running errands
    • Hire a geriatric care manager to help solve problems
    • Get outside help
  2. Take time for yourself each day
    • Take micro-breaks throughout the day
    • Do small doses of meditation or breathing exercises
    • Take time to do small quick workouts during down time to reduce stress
    • Read a book
    • Connect with friends
    • Relax your body with fresh air and a casual stroll
    • Do something that is just for you
  3. Schedule regular breaks
    • Get someone to sit with your older adult so you can take time for yourself
    • Hire an in-home caregiver for just a few hours each week
    • Get family members to chip in and help with regular tasks
    • Enroll your older adult into adult day program
    • Use local respite care programs
  4. Stop wishful thinking
    • Learn to manage your emotional energy
    • Don’t spend energy convincing yourself something will change
    • Accept that things are the way they are and learn to manage

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