We are excited to annouce that we will be scheduling family visits!  Cali, along with the rest of us are looking forward to seeing you again!

Communicating Therapy: A teenage girl, her mother and grandmother looking at old photographs at home. Family and generations concept.

Communicating with older adults who won’t listen

When communicating with someone, it can be frustrating and difficult when the aging parent/adult won’t listen or accept what is being told to them. Some adults are use to running their own business or household, but are now being told certain things they don’t agree with or comprehend. It’s dealing with those moments that can…

help caregiver Physical Therapy: young nurse chatting with senior woman in care home

New Year’s goals for caregiver well-being

New year always means new you. That includes those who are spending all their time or partial time caring for someone else. It is easy to lose yourself and your self care while taking care of another person, so the new year is a perfect time to put yourself back on the priority list. The…

Christmas: group of kids in red shirts singing

Special visitors for Christmas

Over the past few days during the Christmas holiday, residents and staff at Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center were blessed with visits from so many different types of groups and organizations. The youth group from Missionary Baptist Church made a visit to spread the holiday spirit; Calvary Christian School students came to sing some carols;…

gifts: group of people smiling at the camera

Gifts for everyone

Residents at Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center have been so very blessed this holiday season. The family of resident Sula Martin stopped by to deliver gifts to all her fellow residents. Thank you to this family and all the many families, groups, and individuals who have made this holiday so special for everyone this year.

christmas: santa with a woman

Annual Christmas Party 2019

The residents at Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center enjoyed their Christmas party the other day. With a visit from Santa, gifts, food, and caroling there was something for everyone. The smiles on the residents faces shows how much they enjoyed themselves.

holidays: group of kids wearing red and santa hats

Visitors for the holidays

Staff at Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center would like to thank the Knox County Clerk, Mr. Mike Corey, St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church from West Hartford Connecticut, and First Christian Church for stopping by to visit the resident for the holidays. Local youth group, STAY, came by to pass out gifts and do some…

santa with two young girls sitting on his lap

Santa Pictures

Residents and staff must have been pretty good this year at Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center. Look who came to visit them at the children’s Christmas party – Santa and his elves. They even found one elf sitting on a shelf.

christmas: three women at a table smiling at the camera

Employee Christmas Party 2019

The employee Christmas party was a success. Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center would like to thank each and every member of their team for all they do everyday. They have the best staff that anyone could ask for and the residents are so blessed to have them to make their home a wonderful place.

women sitting on a float for the christmas parade

Christmas Parade

Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center got the 3rd place ribbon in the ‘I Still Believe in Santa Claus’ Parade. To quote resident Mary, “we have so much fun here.” Thanks for all the hard work and creativity everyone put into the float.