dementia routines: woman in scrubs sitting with an older adult drinking coffee

Routines make daily life simpler and smoother for caregivers which is in fact a top priority when caring for an older adult. Daily routines can reduce uncertainty, arguments, and decision-making, which in turn can reduce the overall stresses of life.

routine: woman in scrubs sitting with an older adult drinking coffee5 ways routines can make life simpler are:

  1. Stop the power struggle – people hate being told what to do, including seniors. But once a routine is part of their life, they will be more likely to follow the routine and make it part of their daily life.
  2. Increase Cooperation – when people can mentally prepare themselves for the next task or activity, it frees up more energy in their mind and they know what to expect.
  3. Reduce the need for decision-making – when someone is constantly making decision all day, it can be tiresome. Routines can reduce the amount of decisions being made and therefore gives the senior more mental energy.
  4. Improve your sleep – having daily routines can improve the sleep quality in seniors
  5. Build in time to enjoy each other – build in quality time with your older adult in your routine so that it doesn’t fall by the wayside.
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