With age people tend to lose balance, strength, and flexibility, increasing their chances of falling. It is important for seniors to exercise regularly to help prevent such falls.

There are three types of exercises that are easy and simple that can help prevent seniors from falling.

  1. balanceSingle leg stand
    • Using a chair or wall, lift one foot in the air and hold for two minutes. Repeat with other foot.
  2. Raise arm and leg together
    • Standing with feet together and both arms by your side, lift an arm and leg on the same side. Hold for two minutes then repeat on the other side. With the arm that is down, you may hold onto a chair or wall to help keep your balance.
  3. Heel to toe walk
    • Find a straight line on the ground or create one with tape. Once you have that line, begin to walk keeping your toe right on your heel. Do this for two minutes.

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