thankful: a woman sitting next to a poster with words and pictures

Residents are thankful for…

Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center would like to share how very thankful they are to have amazing, caring, and kind staff to care for the wonderful residents. Some of the residents even took the time to make something to show how thankful they are.

dehydration: a woman in jeans and sweater holding a glass of water

Dehydration in Seniors

Drinking enough water daily is important for everyone, but more importantly for seniors. Dehydration can easily cause a variety of serious health problems including a urinary tract infection (UTI), falls, kidney stones, and more. Unfortunately, dehydration is common with seniors due to the fact that they naturally have less water in their bodies. They also…

group of people dressed in halloween costumes

Halloween fun at the HRC

Residents and staff at Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center enjoyed celebrating Halloween. Costumes, prizes, games and fun were shared by all. Creative costumes were seen all around the facility, worn by not only staff, but residents too.

finances Long-Term Care: Retired Couple Sitting On Bench With Hot Drink In Assisted Living Facility

Help your aging parents with their finances

No matter the age or who you talk with, finances are always a sensitive subject. But this is a subject that needs to be talked about when it comes to aging parents. Forgetting to pay bills, making unwise purchases, or even getting confused when it comes to their bank account. To reduce defensiveness there are…

Residents': group of people surrounding a table smiling at the camera

Residents’ Rights Month

October is Residents’ Rights Month, an annual event to honor residents living in a long-term care facilities. Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center were honored to celebrate with their residents. They were joined by Arlene Gibson, the ombudsman, Corey Chesnut with Forcht Bank, and the mayor of Barbourville, David Thompson. Mayor Thompson signed the resident right…

food: a cake that says we appreciate you

Happy Food and Nutrition Services Week

October 7 – 11 is Food and Nutrition Services Week. The residents and staff at Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center would like to show their appreciation for their team. They are very lucky to have such a dedicated staff cooking the culinary masterpieces for everyone daily. Thank you for everything you do for each and…

Ombudsman: two women standing by a sign

Learning with the Ombudsman

Staff at Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center had a great time learning with the OMBUDSMAN. Employees got to experience a new outlook on dementia and the effect it has on the resident’s activities of daily living. It was an emotional and educational day for all involved.

high school: group of kids in front of a gazebo

Visit from Barbourville High School

Residents and staff of Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center had a wonderful time with Barbourville High School JAG students and the Bus to Business project. Students got a tour of the building and were introduced to the many job opportunities that the facility has to offer. The JAG students also participated in mock interviews, demonstrations…

retirement: three women smiling at the camera with a sign behind them

Happy retirement Mrs. Kathy

Staff and residents at Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center would like to wish Mrs. Kathy Sprinkles a wonderful retirement. Her last day was last week as the facilities beloved nurse aide educator. Hope you enjoy “front porch sittin’” with your morning coffee. The best of wishes to you and your family. Enjoy!

housekeeping: group of women in khaki scrubs smiling at the camera

Thank you housekeeping

Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center wants to thank their housekeeping staff for all they do to make the resident’s home clean and beautiful. The staff appreciates you and all the hard work you do for the residents.