housekeeping: group of women in khaki scrubs smiling at the camera

Thank you housekeeping

Barbourville Health and Rehabilitation Center wants to thank their housekeeping staff for all they do to make the resident’s home clean and beautiful. The staff appreciates you and all the hard work you do for the residents.

dementia routines: woman in scrubs sitting with an older adult drinking coffee

Dementia Communication Techniques

It can be difficult to communicate with someone who suffers from Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. The damage to their brains have altered the way they hear, process, and respond to certain conversations. This is why caregivers or family members need to learn new techniques that adapts to the older adults way of thinking. There are 6…

shuffle: a man wearing blue hospital gown using a walker

Why do seniors shuffle when they walk

As seniors get older, they tend to shuffle or drag their feet while walking. Why do they do that? Well, they more than likely are not doing it on purpose or even know they are shuffling. Typically something is causing the shuffling when they walk. The first step to help them not do this is…